Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Youtube vid!

I had so much time on my hand that I edited the video from last November's trip to Mexico. Xel-Ha is located in Riviera Maya and is now my favourite attractions to go to. There are many land and water activities offered in the park that it would take you the whole entire day to go through everything. The habitats and ecosystems of the river are well preserved and maintained. As many other natural attractions in the area, visitors are only allowed to use biodegradable sunscreens. Some of the fun activities I definitely will try on my next trip to Xel-Ha includes swimming with the dolphins and spending quality time with manatees.
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Another exciting attraction that I would like to recommend is Xplor. Zip-lining over 2 miles over the forest and through 2 water landings, (climbing up towers after towers, it's more tiring than you would expect!), and swimming through stalactite rivers made it quite an amazing experience. Last but not least, the buffet at Xplor, in my opinion, ranked the best from my trip to Riviera Maya. I don't know how they did it, but the buffet offered very healthy selections of fusion and contemporary cuisine. Even something simple like the teriyaki rice was perfectly seasoned and I swear it wasn't because I was hungry. Fresh fruits and vegetables are used and the dishes are low in saturated fat. The tamarind and mango sorbet are also made from fruit juices and I can't describe enough how refreshing they are. Moreover, they offered a delicious variety of fresh fruit juices as well.

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