Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shattering dreams: Intercontinental Brunch

So ever since I have been in Thailand since December, I have my mind set on the legendary Sunday brunch at Intercontinental hotel in Bangkok.  After seeing and hearing stories about the epic luxurious brunch with Moet champaign free flow for,*gasp*,  $75, I kinda made it a mission for my visit.  HOWEVER, 5 months later, still no such brunch due to conflicting schedules.  Now that I finally have the time, the red shirt mob or the UDD have managed to prevent my dream from actualizing.  The hotel is forced to close from the public indefinitely.  Seeing how the civil unrest is going, I don't think the possibility of me going to Intercontinental hotel for a Sunday brunch and enjoying myself will happen anytime soon. Bye bye food.... Bye bye Moet.......