Monday, August 16, 2010

Hangover Busters for Girls: Look and feel as good as new

The last thing I need after an all nighter of partying like a rockstar is to look like I was the next day.  I'm also the type that will only get 4 hours of sleep max. with a hangover.  Well, people have different hangovers they deal with but if you are girl like me, the evidence of partying can be quite overwhelming; the breakouts, the dark puffy circles.. And besides looking like shit, there's also feeling like shit too; the headache, absolute dehydration and constant need to vomit.  Oh yea, don't forget about the calories and the toll on your liver.  Therefore, to keep my stamina, detoxify, and steering clear from looking like a zombie, I've come up with a hangover cure regime.   In order to look and feel as refreshed and rejuvenated as though one week of partying is just a dream, try out hangover busters.
Before you go to bed: Drink at least 3 glasses of water. Don't forget to remove the makeup!

When you wake up:

*1. Detoxify - Drink as much water as you humanely can.  Forget the 8-10 glass/day rule, you are going to want to remove most of that toxin from your body.  Drink one glass of water every hour and double with each meal.  Rid yourself those bloated and nauseated feelings.  DRINK IT!! DO IT!!

*2. Eyeball burstings headaches - If you forget to pop 2 advils before bed, it is probably a good idea to pop a couple once you wake up, even if you don't feel the headache coming yet.

3. Bags and dark circles - Cool pad pads, eye stick, eye cream... anything you got.  The best treatment for puffy eyes and bags are probably using a refrigerated tea bags pressed over your eyes. The caffeine in the tea will elevate blood circulation, while the coolness of the bags will ease the swelling.  I use Tony Moly 24 Hour Cooling Eye Stick coupled with Clinique All About Eyes.

*4. Eat carbs avoid fruits and dairy - this maybe the only occasion where it is better to eat more carbs than veggies as they tend to absorb excess alcohol.  Fruits, veggies and dairy may make you feel more bloated or give you diarrhoea.

5. Hit the gym and do light cardio. - nothing intense or you might seriously hurt yourself.  Just a quick 20-30 minutes work out on the elliptical or in the pool just to get the blood flow going, removing excess toxins from that hardworking liver of yours.  Most of all, remember how much calories are in those drinks? They will eventually catch up to ya.  If you have been consistently been going out, you probably will need a fixed daily workout schedule.

6. Hot tub - relax sore muscles, stimulate blood circulation.  You will feel a 100 times better.

7. Spa treat your skin - Hit the steam room. After not having enough sleep and with access alcohol consumption, I breakout like crazy.  To nourish my skin back to its health, I have to give it extra attention. The best way is to hit the steam room and open up those pores, detoxify for a bit.  Afterwards, I lather on Balea sea salt clay mask for deeply cleansing pores and rejuvenate fresh skin turnover.  Moisturize.  After this treatment, you will look more refreshed like you just came back from a vacation than a week of binge drinking.
Kwang Loong to the rescue!

8. If you're still feeling puky... Last but not least, if you are feeling nauseated, you can either vomit and get it over with. Another option is to take medication.  I have tried a small medicated drink and, after the first and last taste, I thought to stick with the hangover instead.  A less painful alternative is to take Gravol.  The downside is it will make you extra drowsy if you have to go to work.  The last option, my favorite, is to take the aromatherapy path (aka grandma smelling ointment).  My number one cure is Kwang Loong oil, a pain relieving ointment.  It is made up of menthol, lavender and eucalyptus oil that will help clear the air path, making you breathe easier and feel less nauseated.  The downside is your friends may make fun of you, but who really gives a shit at this day and age?

9. Green Tea - Free radicals from excess alcohol consumption can damage skin cells, leaving skin looking blotchy and leads to premature aging.  Green tea contains polyphenols, antioxidant compounds, which combat free radicals and reduce cell degeneration.  Drink up!