Sunday, January 10, 2010

BKK shopping spree: Enough is never enough

My favourite spot to shop in Thailand is at Platinum Fashion mall, the ultimate wholesale mall which sells every category in fashion from clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, the list goes on. With over 2000 shops in one mall, it's almost impossible not to be overwhelmed by the never ending amount of styles offered at whole sale prices. So if you are ever in Thailand and want to survive Platinum Fashion mall (it will take the whole entire day), you may be interested to read some of the tips I have to offer.

First, always start from the first floor and work your way up. I find that the shops on the first floor have more fashionable shops (a lot of the styles are super korean/japanese influenced, but made in china). I also found that they have better deals and prices for a descent thin knit starts at 140 - 150 bath (around $5 CDN). Most shops will have price signs displaying their most competitive price. I can usually get several cute tunics, dresses, or skirts starting at 150 bath each ($5 CDN). Because this is a wholesale mall, most shops offer you lower prices when you buy wholesale amount which is 2-3 items, depending with the store. If you are a foreigner and don't speak Thai, always observe the price signs first and then try to bargain more once you get the wholesale price. Some places will give you a deal, some places won't.

2 purses I copped for 660 bath ($22) for both.

Before you purchase anything, always make sure that the sizes fit. Most places won't let you try on the clothes so you'll have to guesstimate. The quality of the construction isn't always up to standards either (you get what you pay for), so be mentality ready if your clothes or shoes don't last more than one season. There's no refund or exchanges even if the size doesn't fit. So you can take my mistake here as a lesson learned for all!

So I've been to this mall several times, and today I bought 2 cute mini skirts at 150 bath each. I looked at both skirts and they seemingly appear to be the same size. Blinded by the low price and the sheer amount of cuteness hanging on the rack, I was careless enough not to double check if both will actually fit (buy now think later!) However when I took them home to try them on, one of them only fit ONE of my legs! see pictures.

As you can see, the sizes are not up to standards and they usually come pretty small (size 0 is extra small, size 2 is small, size 4 is medium, size 6 is large to extra large). Since I'm not in this category myself, I don't recommend buying bottoms here unless you are size 0 to 4.

Despite mishap, I still got 2 purses, 2 cardigans, a laced bolero (all of which fit), eye makeup tools, 2 belts, lingerie for less than 2000 bath (around $65 CDN). Shopping at Platinum Fashion mall is still my favourite excursion in Thailand and I can't wait to go back there again.

Platinum Fashion mall is located at 542/21 Petchaburi Road, Bangkok, Thailand.