Monday, January 11, 2010

Platinum Fashion mall pt.2: the replicas

So I stumbled upon what appeared to be the exact replica of the Zara TRF military dress from the winter 09 collection. The only difference in is the fabric which was used; a thin version of cool wool or something along the line that is used for men's trousers.

The knockoff is being sold at least at 2 stores in the mall for 350 bath ($11 CDN). The tag on the dress is from another brand completely.
T__T cry
Of course I wasn't able to take pictures of the knockoffs without risking getting beat down by vendors. But trust that the resemblance is uncanning.

Another item I found is the faux leather belt which I had also purchased same winter collection.

I didn't ask how much exactly the knockoff belt was but I am guessing it's around 200 bath at most ($7 CDN). Some other common knockoffs were 5718 knits (sans labels, I was told they came from factories in Cambodia), not only Zara replica, but also H&M and others alike are being sold wholesale at 100 bath ($4.50 CDN).