Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cheap and good places in Tokyo

I haven't blogged on here for a while after my Japan/Korea trip and have been feeling a little bit lazy.  So for a recommendation for drinking spot in Japan as already mentioned in my other travel blog, the "270 Yen Kinokura Jr.".  All of the dishes and drinks (quite an array of selection) are less than $3.  Food is awesome, drinks are good size, it just seems almost too good to be true.  The best thing is, these joints can be found all over main areas in Tokyo, so it's real convenient.
Another convenient fast-foodish restaurant I really liked was the Tempura Tendon Tenya.  It may be a chain restaurant but the one we went to at Nippori really captured my heart.  For something that was simple and good, the prawn tempura there were fresh crispy.  Best of all, it is served with plenty of sauce (and a bottle at your table if you want to really drench it), a poached egg, the addition which makes the dish for me.  The set comes with miso soup, and udon soup for around 750 yen.  So if you are looking for something that is convenient, cheap, and good, I recommend this one as the way to go.