Thursday, June 24, 2010

Battle of Mascaras: L2 De Guerlain, L'Oreal Telescopic, L'Oreal Voluminous, Benefit BadGal, Maybelline Colassal

Separates and Extends:

L2 de Guerlain mascara $50, from Sephora. Double wands gives lashes extra length before separating them into chunks, which after many strokes can look very clumpy.  Nonetheless, for its price and luxurious gold tube, it still does what it promises and the result is a very dramatic look.  The mascara stays on too well.  I have trouble removing it with eye makeup remover.  Initially, I purchased the waterproof one but it was impossible to remove at all with makeup remover.  I would've rated it higher, but since I find that I can achieve similar effects with average brands and it's so hard to remove, I give it a 4/5.

L'Oreal Telescopic mascara, $9.98 for 2 bottles and a liquid liner from Costco (approximately $3.30 each).  This tiny wand gets around every corner the big wands couldn't.  Lashes look fanned out and are extended just as long as using Guerlaine mascara. Although I feel like there is more control using the ball tip applicator, getting the bottom lashes can be sort of tricky and I have to be very careful.   The downside is the opposite of Guerlaine, it smudges easily and doesn't stay on for long.  Try coating with Clarins Double Fix mascara, no more smudges and runs! Oh, and every time I use this mascara, I have the biggest urge to bobble my head like this girl did here! 3.5/5

Voluminous and luscious:

L'Oreal Voluminous, $7.90, is by far the best for creating volumes and most affordable mascara.  I've been using this product for years and still finds it is working right up there with the high end mascaras.  Eyelashes look full and not clumpy.  I have very short lashes so it looks much better if I curl them before using this mascara.  It looks great for day or evening wear.  I would call this a classic, or a pair of black shoes I always keep around.  Good to have and worth the price. 4.5/5

Benefit BadGal Lash mascara, $19 from Sephora.  It does a great job of volumizing, in terms of lengthening, I feel like it could do more.  Very easy to apply but after too many sweeps it tends to clump.  Otherwise, it lasts all day with minimum smudging.  Removing it is not as painstaking as Guerlain, which I am thankful for.  4/5

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara, $7 works the best when used with fake lashes or on bottom lashes.  It makes eyelashes look fuller but not too the point that it looks very different or dramatic than what any other mascara can do.  It also works way better on very long lashes since it is light and plumps up volume.  However, for short eyelash folks like myself it is not the right tool for everyday wear.  Removal is very easy. It comes right off.  3/5